Timeless Japan, Naturally an Adventure | Visit GIFU (岐阜)

【Video 1】Timeless Japan, Naturally an Adventure

【Video 2】Timeless Japan, Naturally an Adventure - Grand Outdoors

【Video 3】Timeless Japan, Naturally an Adventure - Timeless Traditions

【Video 4】Timeless Japan, Naturally an Adventure - Awesome Food
***** VIDEO 4 (of 5) Releases Friday May 29, 2020 *****

【Video 5】Timeless Japan, Naturally an Adventure - Journey to Gifu
***** VIDEO 2 (of 5) Releases Friday June 05, 2020 *****

Continue your virtual adventure in Gifu ↴↴↴

【About the Video】
This promotional series is a project between Gifu Prefecture, Amic Bedel and Benoit Pain. Amic Bedel is an internationally successful film director based in France and Benoit Pain is a cinematographer who has worked on many famous films such as The Da Vinci Code and Kiss of the Dragon.

Thanks to the efforts of this world-renowned film team, the beauty of Gifu Prefecture can now be experienced as if it were a preview for an upcoming movie. After viewing these previews we hope you come and experience Gifu Prefecture (the feature presentation) in person.

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