Air Ticket Booking Terms and Conditions


Campbell Travel = we, Customers = you, in the following contents
When you agreed to pay for the air ticket arrangement, you agreed to follow our terms and conditions as below:-
  1. Payment methods can be by the following ways: major credit cards, cash, debit cards, bankdrafts, money orders, or direct deposit to our bank account. When payment is by credit cards, 5% handling fees applies. Credit card charge form will be sent to customers to sign with the credit card both side, front and back copies need. 2 I.D., one with photo is required for proof. Personal check is accepted only when departure date is over 35 days at time of payment. Again, 2 I.D., one with photo is required for proof.

  2. When you pay for your air ticket, make sure yourself understand all the selling conditions of the airlines you are taking. When payment is done, you will have to follow all the terms and conditions of the airline you pay for.

  3. You must provide correct passport information, full passport names, date of birth, expiry of your passport. You must tell us clearly your proposed air booking itinerary. You will pay for any change fees or penalties or any responsibility because of the wrong information. Please be alerted that some air tickets cannot be making any changes.

  4. When air ticket is non-refundable, you are advised of trip cancellation insurance to avoid the loss.

  5. When air ticket is refundable, you must follow the refund rules of the airlines involved. A handling fee of $100 per person will be charged by Campbell Travel to proceed the refund.

  6. Any changes of your flights due to weather, schedule change, or any unpredictable conditions either voluntary changes or involuntary changes, you will be responsible to the airlines change fee. To proceed the changes, you will charge for a change fee $75 per person by Campbell Travel, and a handling fee of $30 to $250 per person, subject to the consumed in the change.

  7. Campbell Travel will not take any responsibility of the refund amount if the airlines do not refund the air ticket even though the air ticket is refundable.

  8. You will need to tell us for any special handling, like wheelchair arrangement, special meal request due to medical reasons or religions or baby food, seat preferences, baggage handling like musical instruments, pet travelling with you, baby cots, air mileage accumulation, travel insurance, or any other needs not mentioned above. Please tell us all in advance and sufficient time to arrange, we are happy to help. We regret that we will not be responsible for any missing parts.

  9. Every ticket was issued through Campbell Travel is covered by $100,000 air flight accident insurance or you may arrange your own air flight accident insurance.

  10. Any final decisions from Airlines or unpredictable conditions as a result of your travel disruption, you will be paying your own responsibility, travel insurance with trip interruption and cancellation protection is highly recommended through Campbell Travel, this insurance must be done within 72 hours when your ticket was paid.

Have a nice and safe trip!
Thank you!

Dated Amended on February 16, 2017