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Korean Army Stew – BuDae JjiGae (Sausages, beans, ramyeon, what else?)

Korean Army Stew - BuDae JjiGae


How to: BuDae JjiGae (Army Stew) 부대찌개"

On cold days, there is nothing like a warm bowl of Budae Jjigae or Army stew. Yes, also with its roots in the ROK army, Korean army stew is a favourite of many soldiers and non-soldiers alike. The premise to the stew is quite simple, anything that is left from beans to SPAM and anything else in the cabinet.

Click now to learn how to make this delicious military speciality!

Have you tried the “Military Burger”?

Have you tried the “Military Burger"?


Lieutenant Geun Lee "軍事漢堡CF廣告系列"

Only in Korea is there a special hamburger titled the “Military Burger”. Local fast-food chain Lotteria has introduced a new menu item titled the “Military Burger”. With origins in the ROK military, this burger adds a special touch to the traditional burger. Ingredients include strawberry jam, macaroni salad and the required independence of making your own burger.

In addition, the hamburger comes in a true military canteen style tray to ensure you experience the full ROK military. This instructional video series shows you how to make and how to eat the newest burger in Korea’s fast food chains, the “Military Burger”.