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AM1320 華僑之聲 – 2020.01.31

AM1320 華僑之聲January 31, 2020

明 and Isabella(廣東話)

AM1320 華僑之聲 – 2020.01.24

AM1320 華僑之聲January 24, 2020

明 and Isabella(廣東話)

2021 Chinese New Year 農曆新年遊輪

出發日期/Departure date : 2021 Feb 3-14 [button text="下載 PDF" link="" style="default" size="normal" target="_bland" display="inline" icon="no" class="spacer-btn"] 誠意推介:亞洲精選旅遊 ASIA Tour Info [row] [span3] [lazy_load_box effect="Slidetop" ] [/lazy_load_box] [/span3] [span3] [lazy_load_box effect="slidetop"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span3] [span3] [lazy_load_box effect="slidetop"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span3] [span3] [lazy_load_box effect="slidetop"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span3] [span3] [lazy_load_box effect="slidetop" delay="100"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span3] [span3] [lazy_load_box effect="slidetop" delay="300"] [/lazy_load_box] [/span3] [span3]…
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AM1320 華僑之聲 – 2020.01.17

AM1320 華僑之聲January 17, 2020

明 and Isabella(廣東話)

AM1320 華僑之聲 – 2020.01.10

AM1320 華僑之聲January 10, 2020

明 and Isabella(廣東話)