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Rising 300 meters above the ground, ABENO HARUKAS ranks as Japan’s highest building, with its observatory, ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY, at the very top.

The observatory occupies the 58th, 59th, 60th floors and offers panoramic 360° views of the dynamic city of Osaka, as well as far off into the surrounding region ,from the ancient capital of Kyoto to Kobe and the Rokko mountains.

[60階 ー 天上回廊]

An indoor gallery constructed of glass all around from the floor to the ceiling. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Osaka plain and other features from the height of approximately 300 meters above the ground. It is a “space of wonderment” where you will feel as if you are walking in the air.

[59階 ー お帰りフロア]
多数取り揃えているショップ「SHOP HARUKAS 300」がございます。

A shop for ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY novelty goods is located here.

[58階 ー 天空庭園]

An outdoor space with an open roof where you can feel the air. Various events can be held in the outdoor space, which features wood deck panels and is surrounded by planting. It is a “soothing space” where you can relax and enjoy the views. In addition, a cafe restaurant where you can enjoy eating and drinking is located indoors.

Tokyo Art and Culture Transcends Time and Space with Technology [TOKYO NOW vol. 123]

Monozukuri Video Series: See Shinjuku artisans at work in the video “There’s much to be learned from the past ~Onko-chishin~”. For the first time ever, models strut across Shibuya Scramble Crossing in the latest fashion in the Shibuya Fashion Week Spring 2021 runway show.
Azalea garden in Shiofune Kannon Temple Walking in Tokyo - Todoroki Valley & Temple




Visit Suruga: Boundless Green
Located only an hour away from Tokyo via the bullet train, come and explore the Suruga Region of Shizuoka. Known for our green tea, seafood, history with Tokugawa Ieyasu, and of course, Mt. Fuji, there is sure to be your cup of green tea in the boundless green known as the Suruga Region.

GO Tokyo – Pick up Movies

Pcik Up Movies

[4K]New Year's in TOKYO JAPAN
お正月の日本(東京)初詣、初日の出、元旦、正月、東京観光、謹賀新年 正月遊び Tokyo tourism 正月飾り 行事 新春 初詣

Japanese ryokan HOSHINOYA Tokyo lets you rediscover the stylish, beautiful streets of Tokyo in its 360° video “Tokyo Staycation.”

TOKYO STROLL: Museums in the Roppongi area
Enjoy a walk around Tokyo with “TOKYO STROLL: Museums in the Roppongi area.”

TOKYO BRT Promotional Video(東京BRTプロモーション動画)
See how the new TOKYO BRT offers great access to the Tokyo Bay area.