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網站各種優惠情報一網打盡,讓您的韓國之旅更輕鬆便利! 凡是Visit Korea網站會員皆能隨時列印下列各種優惠券。


優惠期限 : 2017.04.12~2017.12.31
優惠內容 :☞優惠詳細介紹



優惠期限 : 2017.03.24~2018.01.31
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優惠期限: 2017.03.24~2017.12.31
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優惠期限: 2016.09.26~2017.12.31
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優惠期限: 2016.07.01~2017.04.30
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●SM網上免税店 歡樂福利連連送

優惠期限: 2016.02.16~2017.12.31
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優惠期限: 2016.01.10~2017.12.31
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Beautiful Mountains in Central Japan

Beautiful Mountains in Central Japan

-Japan's spritual home-

Kiso is located in the southeastern part of Nagano Prefecture, which lies almost at the center of Japan's main island, Honshu. Kiso is the headwater area of Kiso River and is a mountainous region, wedged between Mt. Komagatake (2,956 meters) and Mt. Ontake (3,063 meters) of the Central Alps, where altitudes vary greatly. It is an area about 52 kilometers from east to west and 63 kilometers from north to south.
In the Edo Period (1603-1867), post stations were developed along five key routes established around Japan. After the completion of the Nakasendo, one of five routes, the lumber industry there flourished by utilizing bountiful local forest resources.
Kiso is well known as one of the handful regions sustaining "virgin landscape of Japan", thanks to the bountiful nature, history and tradition created by Kiso's valley culture and the Kiso's people's unsophisticated human nature.

Kiso, with 94% of its area occupied by mountain forest and wilderness, is a natural treasury.
Especially the "Kiso Cypress" or 'Hinoki', nurtured by abundant rain and a cool climate, it is famous for being used as a sacred tree of Japan's Historic Ise Grand Shrine.
Kiso's symbolic Mt. Ontake is known as a mountain worshiped from ancient times, and is a popular mountain climbing spot where people are attracted to its elegance and magnificence.

The skills required to make traditional art and crafts such as Kiso lacquer-ware, combs, and containers, which are made from the wood nurtured by Kiso's natural environment, are handed down from one generation to the next.
Many provincial festivals and traditional activities that grew up together with history still remain, and Kiso-bushi, folk music, and the Kiso-odori, festival dance, are famous signature summer events. We encourage you to try popular "Goheimochi", the original rice cake of the region, and "Soba", noodles made from buckwheat, which have been known as the taste of Kiso through the ages.


旅遊強打推薦 – 8 招玩享K-Style Hub!(Visit Korea)



可能許多外國旅客還不知道的好地方—K-Style Hub

這裡是網羅韓國各地旅遊資訊以及結合豐富體驗、展覽與購物等全新的複合空間,共佔地4層樓,2樓為旅遊諮詢中心,3樓與4樓為韓食展示館與體驗館,5樓則是藝術商品館。每一樓都有不同的主題,在這裡我們提供「8個絕招」讓你一次遊遍K-Style Hub

  1. 翻找旅遊資訊並小作休息!
  2. 韓國精彩景點,虛擬實境搶先玩!
  3. 與韓流明星拍照留念!
  4. 了解身體的重要時間,醫療觀光區!
  5. 試穿韓服好美麗!
  6. 在韓食展示館感受韓食魅力!
  7. 親手做韓食!
  8. 採購韓國代表紀念品!

在離開K-Style Hub 前,最後一個要推薦的是位於5樓的藝術商品館。這裡是將代表韓國的文創商品齊聚一堂的展示空間,大致分為展示區和宣傳區兩個區塊,展示區陳列著被指定為韓國優秀文化商品的藝術商品,讓人可以一窺韓國藝術家的美感和獨特創意。宣傳區則可參觀以韓國文化體驗或是平昌冬季奧運為主題所打造的空間,相當豐富有趣。

K-Style Hub
☞ 地址: 首爾市中區清溪川路40韓國觀光公社2~5樓
☞ 交通方式: 地鐵1號線鍾閣站5號出口,步行約4分鐘/ 2號線乙支路入口站2號出口,步行約5分鐘 / 5號線光化門站5號出口,步行約8分鐘
☞ 開放時間
- 2樓(旅遊諮詢中心): 09:00~20:00
- 3~5樓(韓食文化體驗館): 10:00~20:00
※ 5樓韓服體驗區服務時間為10:00~18:00(至17:45截止)
☞ 網站:韓英日中)
☞ 諮詢電話
- 韓食展示館: +82-2-6053-7176(英日中)、+82-2-6053-7179(英日中)
- 韓食體驗館: +82-2-6053-7177/7196(英)、+82-2-6053-7178(日)、+82-2-6053-7179/7199(中)
☞ 韓國旅遊諮詢熱線: +82-2-1330(韓英日中)